Wholesale coffee

We source and roast the coffee we love to drink

Our wholesale coffee espresso blends are crafted for milk beverages and seasonal single origins are profiled to enjoy as a filter or espresso. The goal of our blends is to create a year-round great tasting flavour profile. We alternate our coffee origins to create consistency and maintain the freshness of the product using only what’s in season. When we taste a coffee that expresses itself, we let it stand alone to enjoy as a single origin.

All of our products are sourced and produced with sustainability as a key focal point. From the bean to the cup we ensure we have as little footprint on our Earth as possible. Wholesale coffee is delivered in reusable buckets, eliminating the use for single use bags. Our retail coffee comes in Oxo-degradable bags that we encourage customers to re-use.

At Routes Coffee we are well known for our amazing customer service and good vibes. This doesn’t stop when it comes to our wholesale partners, so expect the best guidance, training and support when working with us. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, (previously working with world-renowned roasters and setting up multiple coffee shops), we will understand your expectations and offer endless advice on machinery, design, maintenance and getting the best result from the bean.

Available for your home, office, restaurant or coffee shop, call us on 07730 006 098 or complete the form below to discuss how we can work together.

Co-operative Roasting

Routes Co-operative was created for others and exists with a sole purpose to teach others how to create the perfect cup of coffee with a strong focus on sustainability and transparency. These values have enabled us to build trust and be open to change.  Coffee has impacted our lives positively and enabled us to travel the globe and learn from many markets and mentors.  We are committed to passing our knowledge and experience on to every one who joins. 

It is highly understated how long and complex the process is of the coffee we drink daily. We do not take any stage of this journey for granted. At the Routes we build relationships with small scale microlot and organic coffee growers  to enable us the opportunity to offer you truly incredible green. All of our roasting machines are connected with Cropster software that offers users an accurate log of each batch. This enables users to create their ideal profile for any degree of roasting. Our team have used the majority of all manual and automated roasting systems and we continue to educate ourselves when new tech or machinery becomes available.  It is our passion to teach you how to bring out the best in every bean and offer all innovative measures and conversations at our disposal in order to do so. 

Everyone is welcome at the co-op. We assure you that you will walk away with a practical and knowledgeable experience with a great cup of coffee in regards to taste, sustainability and fairness for all those involved in the process from bean to cup. 

Call us on 07730 006 098 or complete the form below to discuss how we can work together.

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