Routes Coffee FAQs

What do you need from the event location?
For indoor events, our mobile barista bars require access to 13amp power.

Can you be self-sufficient?
For outdoor events, we can be self-sufficient. We use a generator to power our equipment.

Will you provide your own bench to serve from?
Yes, we have multiple benches for you to choose from, our setups can be fully re-branded to suit your event.

Can you do multiple setups?
Yes, we have the capacity to run multiple setups at once. We have 6 indoor mobile barista bars, 4 outdoor pop-up bars and our vintage Bedford Rascal coffee van. Perfect for festivals and larger events.

Will you re-brand as our company?
Yes, we have done this for many previous clients. We can also customise our coffee cups and barista uniforms.

What coffee do you use?
We roast our own coffee at our warehouse in Oxford. We offer a variety of different coffees to suit your taste and event.

Do you supply anything else except coffee?
Yes, we offer a full range of hot and cold drinks, from teas to caffeine-free alternatives including chai, turmeric and matcha.

Are you vegan-friendly?
We love vegans, we work closely with Rude Health to make sure we have a great range of dairy-free alternate milk, including oat, coconut and almond.

How long does it take you to set up?
We can be hot and brewing in less than 30 minutes from arrival. We can also set up the day before the event if necessary.

How many coffees can you produce in an hour?
Using one of our mobile barista bars at full capacity we can produce up to 200 espresso-based coffees an hour. If you need it faster we offer self serve batch brew filter coffee as an add-on.

My coffee provider dropped out, can you help last minute?
Yes, we are very flexible, if we are available we will do our best to help.

Can you provide food?
We provide foods including fresh pastries, fruit, breakfast pots (yoghurt, chia and overnight oats) and baked cakes/ sweets.

Where are you based?
Our warehouse is in Oxford, however, we travel across the UK and Europe with our events. Our services are available at any location at any time.

Your coffee is so tasty, where can we buy it?
You can purchase our coffee in our online store. If you would like to have our coffee in your office or café, please see our wholesale coffee or call us.

Do you offer barista training?
We offer group or individual barista training sessions, from beginner to advanced, we can help you with your coffee career or tighten up your skill to use at home. For more information and prices please get in touch, [email protected].