Uganda Bukonzo Dream

The name ‘Bukonzo Dream’ originates from the Bukonzo tribespeople of Uganda. They are brave, friendly and welcoming people who dream of being able to provide better opportunities for each generation.

Kananga Neckson is the lead farmer for the ‘Kisinga group’. He lives just outside the town, regularly travelling to his farm higher up. During the peak of the season, the “the streets of his village are filled with red cherries”.

He manages a large group of farmers, collecting their coffee and working as a lead farmer for the area.

Neckson is extremely well organised and respected within his group, he does a fantastic job of coordinating the operation with the washing station. Since leading the group he has managed to consistently improve the quality of coffee at each harvest ensuring the best price for his partners.



Uganda Bukonzo Dream

Region: Kisinga 
Variety: SL14, SL28
Process: Natural 
Taste: Tropical Fruit, Mandarin & Floral 
Roast: Light
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