Nicaragua Pineapple Candy


Country: Nicaragua
Region: Matagalpa
Farm: Hacienda Santa Luz
Variety: H3
Process: Washed
Taste: Pineapple Candy & Grapefruit
Roast: Light

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The mountains of Matagalpa provide a unique microclimate for the farm that Ricardo Herrera as CEO and General Manager Marco Tulio Gonzalez are able to manage with a team of 50 permanent workers and an additional 400 seasonal pickers. Sr Herrera brings previous operations expertise from Colombia and Costa Rica whilst Sr Gonzalez obtained an MBA in industrial engineering to really bring another level of insight to the processing.

The H3 varietal was planted in 2015, and is a cross between Caturra and an Ethiopian landrace accession.

Produced as part of the first wave of F1 hybrid varieties, H3 does still have some susceptibility to rust but has maintained presence in the fields due to its exceptional cup quality.

Cherries are picked by hand and are fermented in bins with yeast developed specifically for coffee added to control the profile.

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