Lacia Collection – Lot 3


Producer: Jairo Ivan López
Origin: Colombia
Region: Pijao, Quindio, 
Farm: El Porvenir
Variety: Gesha
Process: Natural, 72 hours fermentation in cherry, 72 hours in bioreactor, 12 hours immersed in bioreactor.
Taste: Red Fruits & Blueberry 
Roast: Light

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We’re super excited to launch our partnership with López Agudelo y compañía limitada, managed by Jairo Ivan López.

After three generations of producing coffee, Lacia made the decision to plant different varieties to counteract the fall of coffee in the country. Developing Castillo, Java & Gesha on farms Puerto Alegre, El Roble and El Porvenir, the focus of the company is to control every step of the process to bring the highest quality coffee to the cup.

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