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Origin: Brazil
Region: Cerrado Mineiro
Variety: Mundo Novo
Process: Natural
Taste: Cherry, Chocolate & Honey 
Roast: Light 
Free delivery on all orders over £15. (estimated delivery time 2 – 5 days)Coffee producer Renato Monteiro began his career working with his parents in Paraná state. The family relocated to the Cerrado Mineiro region in 2000 seeking a more consistent climate and settled in Araguari, Minas Gerais. Initially, they worked on other producers’ farms for nine years as they worked toward their dream of owning their own land, finally purchasing Fazenda Araras and its 10 hectares of coffee production.

Today, Renato and his family also lease the nearby Fazenda Baioka, a 50 hectare property planted with 42 hectares of Mundo Novo trees. Across all of their production they work with great dedication and care, executing thoughtful Natural processing to highlight the terroir of the region.

This lot of Mundo Novo coffee underwent Natural processing. Mundo Novo is the product of a natural cross between Sumatra and Red Bourbon, discovered in the municipality of Mineiros do Tietê, São Paulo in 1943. Seeds from one of these trees were planted in the municipality of Mundo Novo, now called Urupês, in Sao Paulo state. Various lines of the plant were cultivated here, undergoing selection for positive characteristics. The results of this cultivation were finally distributed to farmers beginning in 1952, with new selections by the IAC (Agronomic Institute of Campinas) beginning in 1977.